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Sporting Statue Database Maps

Two maps are given below. The first shows the location of sporting statues within the UK; the location marker for each statue links to the detailed information page for that statue. The second is a timelapse video maps showing the chronological accumulation of footballer statues within the UK.

UK Sporting Statues Location Map

Click on a marker for a link to the information page for that statue. Markers are colour-coded as follows:
Green - in situ; Yellow - planned; Red - removed, stored, stolen or destroyed. Note that planned statues where the site is not yet specified are not included.

UK Football Statues Timelapse Map

Key for map below:

  • Club Statues - Sited at club ground, club has ownership through instigation and control of funding, sculptors rarely chosen by competitive process.
  • Fan Statues - Usually sited at club ground, fan(s) instigate and/or organise fundraising process.
  • Hometown Statues - Located in subjectís home town, typically instigated and organised by local government, funded by public money or collection from general public, sculptor often chosen by open or at least limited competition.
  • National/Museum Statues - Funded by national sporting organisations e.g. the Bobby Moore statue at Wembley; or as part of sporting heritage attractions not directly linked to any specific club.

Watch on mobile - UK football statues