Figure it out is a consultancy service provided by Dr Chris Stride, an applied statistician based at the Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield. Chris has over 20 years experience in advising and teaching researchers, academics and graduate students of wide-ranging ability and understanding.

We specialise in...
  • The application of statistical techniques in psychology, business/management, sociology, and other social sciences
  • The provision of statistical training for those employed or researching in these fields
  • Statistical software training courses; specifically in the use of generalist statistics package SPSS and path analysis software Mplus
  • Advice and support in data management and documentation; let us bash your messy data into shape!

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Forthcoming Public Training Courses

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Online courses: Autumn 2022

  • Structural Equation Modelling using Mplus
  • Testing Mediation and Moderation using Mplus
  • Multilevel Modelling using Mplus
  • Latent Growth Curve Modelling using Mplus
  • Testing Mediation and Moderation in SPSS (using the PROCESS macro)
  • Multilevel Modelling using SPSS
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We are always available to provide inhouse training in SPSS syntax and macros, multiple regression (using SPSS), multilevel modelling (using SPSS or Mplus), mediation/moderation testing (using SPSS or Mplus), structural equation modelling (using Mplus), Bayesian analysis (using Mplus) and latent growth curve modelling (using Mplus).

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